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Posted: October 15, 2016 at 9:05 am   /   Confessions

quick cheater
Posted by still trying to figure it out on 11/18/2005

okay, my best guy friend and my boyfriend and i went on a date, and while my boyfriend went to the washroom me and the guyfriend made out.

Shoulda thought of this earlier….
Posted by JR on 11/18/2005

Ok i’ll keep it short, i am a 21 yr old mother of 2 from Belfast… I have been with the kids dad for 6 years and he’s fab…we enjoy all the same things but i feel like he’s my best mate not my partner….cos i’m actually a lesbian…everyone else i know has figured it out except him…I don’t want to hurt him and i’m sick of dropping ‘gentle’ hints. Maybe should have thought of this before I had the kids…

Am I messed up?
Posted by Brittany on 11/18/2005

I am bi, but I love girls more then anything, but I fuck my boyfriend just about every night, and I stick a vibrator up my girlfriends ass.

My boyfriend said that if I ever wanted to have a threesome, we could, but just with another girl, or more. But i’m not sure if I should tell my girlfriend, because I think she is completely a lesbian. I would love to fuck them both hard, but I don’t know what to do.

Should I ask her, or try to talk her into it? I think she might like it, but I don’t know..

im a bad girl
Posted by no on 11/15/2005

ive cheated on my husband and i cant bring myself t tell him well we wernt maried at the time but i still feel like shit

crazy from the start
Posted by nuggbuggstonerstud on 11/15/2005

I met a girl on the internet and against my better judgment decided to meet with this girl, we met and to my suprise, she was a girl, and it was the girl from the pic too, so i felt as if i was 2 for 2 at the moment, we fuckd the first night, so i knew she was a whore, but to the extent of her whorish stupidity i wasnt aware of yet, i was her boyfriend, but she wasnt my girl, an everybody but she knew that, yea, imma asshole, so what, anyway, we were hangn out an she decides to tell me she sees ghosts, no bull, she was serious, she sees an talks to ghosts, yea, crazy bitch, my thoughts exactly, and like most relationships, her parents hated me, o well, we continued to fuck, and she contitnued to amaze me with the kinda shit that would come outta her mouth, crazy crazy crazy, but i stuck around for the pussy, until i went to her house after a short “break”/”im gonna go fuck other poeple an be back” and i went to her house, we had sex, afterwards we were laying on her couch watchn tv, when her phone rings, an she hands it to me, the …

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Submitted Pics

Posted: August 9, 2016 at 9:02 am   /   Info

If you would like to post a picture of your own, please Click here.

Freak’n Hotties
You think your a hottie? Send in some sexy pictures and prove it! We will be running “Hottie vs Hottie” on the contest page for all to vote on. There is one catch. You have to have “FreaknFunny” written some where in the picture and it can’t be photoshopped.
Be sure to include your email address in the description area so we can contact the winners to give away some great prizes. Your email address will not be shown or used for any other purpose but to contact you if you should win. The hotter and sexier the better!

This section is for all of your perverted little pictures. Whether it’s comically related or not, doesn’t matter. Like they say, send em if you got em!!

Freaky or Funny Pics
Here you’ll find all the generally freaky, crazy, and funny pictures that are sent in by all of our visitors.

Altered Pics
Submitted pics of people,places, and things, adjusted with a photo editor in some way or another. You can also send pics to us to alter for you and check back soon to see the results.(HINT: Peoples’ faces are the most fun to mess with! Send em in!)

Check out the sweet ink-jobs that our visitors have sent in to us to show off!! Send in pics of your tattoos, too!! We’ll show them all!!

Wife / Husband Pics
This section is the same as above, but these people don’t have a choice but to brag about their significant other, whether they like it or not!

Girlfriend / Boyfriend Pics
If you are proud of your significant other, send his/her pic to us and it will show up here. These pics may also show up in the contests held each week. Show em if you got em!!

This is a very special section. This is a section of just plain odd or unexplainable pictures. This is the kinda stuff that just makes you look and wonder, “Why am I looking at this?”, or “Wow, that is something that’s not freaky, funny, nude, altered, or a tattoo! It’s OTHER!!!”…

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Welcome to freaknfunny

Posted: July 9, 2016 at 7:00 am   /   News

We are a couple of guys who decided to put a site together of content that we love to see on a daily basis. Some that know us say we have a warped sense of humor, but to us it’s just freaknfunny!

With this site we intend to bring you the freakiest and funniest pictures, video clips, articles and whatever else our warped minds find amusing. We encourage participation from our visitors, so send in everything you find funny or entertaining. We will have weekly polls and contests for all to vote on and to give your opinions.

The site will be updated daily and we want it to be a source of information as well as a place to laugh at the expense of others! So bookmark us now and become part of the freaknfunny community.

Yes, we know our Whats Up scroller on the left isn’t working right now. It is being worked on. No biggie, though. So while you’re waiting on that to come back up, (which you are dying with anticipation) why don’t you sign up for our Daily Newsletter by clicking here. You’ll get a jump start on all the fresh and new content of the day before everyone else.


Hey, all of you need to check this freak’n hilarious flash animation out. I love these guys!

Baghdad Basketball

New Stuff

We are rollin right along with things. Our newsletter is out and the subscriber list is growing. It’ll be a good way to stay up to date on stuff going on around here. Sign up for our newsletter here.

We’ve also had some people asking about ways to post their high scores on our site from many of the flash games. For now, what we will do is post the scores by the appropriate game in the list of games. All you need to do is send us your high scores here and we should have them posted shortly.

Check back here for the new stuff coming your way. Video section should be ready any day now.

-the freaks…

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Posted: June 9, 2016 at 8:43 am   /   Info

I’m sorry…but we’re going to have to do away with posting high scores that you submit for a while. No, we aren’t some huge team of people working on this site, just a couple of us who are divvying up the responsibilities, which are increasing exponentially….all while holding my regular job and going to school full time. So this is one of those things that is going to have to be cut off until I have masses of people working for me, or more hours added to the day. More importantly, big things are coming for in the near future, and this flash section will be seeing some of those changes/enhancements. Stay tuned, and thanks to those of you who sent in your scores!

Here is the home for future movie makers. The future of the box office is dismal at best if these guys will be in charge one day. This stuff will make you laugh, AT IT or WITH IT is up to you.

Sound clips from your favorite actors and shows to use in any way you find amusing. Happy prank calling!…

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Posted: June 9, 2016 at 8:13 am   /   News

Check out these hilarious pics. This section is loaded with tons of pictures that are sure to get a laugh or two out of you.

Freaks of nature are found here. If you are looking for something off the wall or something that makes you go “Hmm”…this section is for you.

!!WARNING!! This section contains content not suitable for children. Adults the age of 18 or older are permitted ONLY! If you enter this section and you’re under 18, a phone call to your parents will be made right away letting them know what your looking at!

More chick pics here than anyone could ask for. Hey baby, wanna wrestle? (!!CLEAN!!)

Check out our huge collection of various tattoos. If you would like to see your tattoo on here, just send us a pic to (This section contains some mature content. Discretion is advised.)

For anything else, this OTHER section is the place to go. Weird stuff, crazy stuff, amazing stuff, you name it. It’s all found here.…

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